Sunday, January 24, 2010

Safety First

Joseph has been loving riding his bike. I love that he loves riding his bike. Today he took a tumble and this is what happed to his helmet. This could have been his head. I am so thankful that the boys wear their helmets. Please make sure your kids wear theres ALL.THE.TIME.
He was right in front of our house coming up the curb. He wasn't going fast and no one hit him. This was caused by HIS head on the cement. They always wear them strapped on, not just sitting on their heads and never hanging from their handle bars. That is stupid. Protect your child. Don't get me started on seat belt use and where your child should sit in the car when you're driving. Here's a hint, the front seat is not a good place for most kids until middle school.

If you ride as an adult, you need a helmet too. A friend of ours who is a physical therapist told us that most of the adults she worked with were motorcycle or bike accidents causing brain injuries.
He's totally fine. His head hurt a bit but some tylenol and 7-up and he was up and running. He banged his hand up a bit (just when it was starting to get better.) He's a rough and tumble boy that's for sure.

It was a good day for football wouldn't you say?

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