Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today the sun come out. We have had 9 days of rain (with just a small break after that and a bit more rain) so today I hit the yard. I mowed. I pulled weeds, I trimmed bushes. I began at 10:15 am and finished at just after 3 (with just a small break for ice cream with my aunt...thanks auntie)
Now I am sore. I used muscles I haven't used in a long time...if ever.
Tomorrow should be fun.... if I can get out of bed. UGH! I vow to do some yard work every Saturday to keep up on it all.

Dom and Joe are very excited about the Winter Olympics. They were talking about the whole affair while they were watching the Sharks game tonight. Joe wanted to know if they had snow ball fights as a game at the olympics. He wanted to know if you could get a Gold medal for snow ball fights. He's really cute sometimes. Usually I have him say "My name is Joseph and I am full time job"

Ryan and Whitney will learn all about that. Congrats you two. May you have a healthy wonderful bundle of joy.

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