Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I am a big fan of all of the Bravo tv shows. I really like just about all of them. (Derek and I are going to spoof the real housewives show with a real housewives of San Joaquin County...the wives will hold tomatoes like the wives of Orange county hold oranges.)

Anyway I just have to vent a bit about this season of Sheer Genius. I love Jonathan Antin (love him!) but I gotta tell you, Camila Alves is so not my fav. Who thought that was a good idea? Half the time I cannot understand her. sigh. She really bothers me. Really, really bothers me.
So Dom has a new job. He is a GS now at he Depot. That means no more coveralls, no more tools, it's a desk job. He's very excited. He'll be working in the transportation department. Today is his potluck as he's leaving the department, the same one my father retired from. So I am taking me dad out to the depot. He hasn't been out there in sixteen years. I am sure it's very different from what it looked like when he was out there. So many changes have taken place on the depot. I am glad my dad is going out there.


Anonymous said...

Camilla does have good taste in men!!

Christy Z. said...

Amen to that comment. I was going to say, the only thing that bugs me about Camilla Alves is that she took Matthew McConaughey off the market :( I don't watch Sheer Genius though, so I'm judging her purely on that fact alone.