Monday, February 22, 2010

This day

I went into the meeting armed and ready. Note book. Files. Paper. Notes. Ready.
Once again I was side swiped. After careful consideration it has been decided that Joe will not be retained. He will not repeat the first grade. What?
I know.
He will have full resource help. 30 minutes 4 days a week. Help to finish an assignment. Help with whatever he needs. Help in the classroom. The helps he's needed all along he will finally. FINALLY be getting.
I shall ignore the fact that all was written in pink pen ( I am my mothers daughter the banker and all documents shall be in blue or black. Colored pens make me cringe.)
It went well. I felt good.

He still struggles. He will always struggle. He's reading better. He's writing and doing math better. He was feeling good. Then he tripped on his way to his desk in class today and some kids laughed, some were worried about him. It all just falls apart. But he always picks himself up and moves along. His emotional brother was sad for him that he tripped said "it's ok Joe, you had new shoes on today right?" and they moved along the two that were fighting earlier. sigh.
Mama is still recovering from it ALL.

Stella WILL not stop eating and chewing just about anything she can get her teeth on. Poor thing. Could she be working on the last of her big girl teeth?

Daddy had the BEST time yesterday skiing. He came home a new man. His whole demeanor was changed. I was happy for him. Who knows the last time he had a day like that. A full day of fresh air doing something he's wanted to do for a long time. I swear today he seemed more relaxed than I have seen him in a long time. Very good for him.

Now after mowing the lawn and helping with the boys homework my head is pounding I am trying to get everyone to bed.

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