Sunday, February 21, 2010

What I like.

I like the color blue.
I like coffee.
I like the beach.
I like a great book.
I love great, warm socks.
I love nice purses.
I love t-shirts.
I love lotion (I am addicted to it)
I love lip balm.(That too! Although nothing works as well on my lips as mentholatum)
I love pens. (I never put the lids on and they are forever drying out)
I love baths.
Heaven help me I love these shoes
I think this is a lovely room dontcha think? I really like the blues.

I am really into Doves too these days.

I adore this painting... check it out at (Thanks Whitney for introducing me to it that site)

I love lilacs.
I love sleep and I am off to go get some.

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