Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hearts and Flowers

What a lovely weekend so far. Yesterday was my mama's birthday so we had dinner and pie. Oh love that Nation's banana cream pie! It was so nice to hang out and stuff ourselves silly. We watched some of the men's speed skating and hit the hay just in time to wake up and hear the firecrackers signaling the beginning of Chinese New Year.

Today the weather is wonderful. I am doing homework by an open window watching a humming bird zing about. The boys are outside/inside playing hockey, rollerblading, riding bikes. So nice to see them well and in the sun!

Stella is hanging out outside. I slept in a bit this morning and she was happily hanging out with me...or so I thought. Turns out she was pulling the stuffing out of a bed pillow. STELLA!?! Really? My Gosh!

Dom sent me some lovely tulips that are in a pretty vase along with a box of amazing chocolates. So good.
Tonight is our heart shaped pizza and some of the left over pie. It's a great weekend.
Hope everyone is feeling the love. Feel it. Give it. Pass it out. It will come back to you.

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