Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Did I Mention....

my washer is leaking?
Every load. Every time. Water all over the floor. It's the seal in the door (I have one of those fancy Whirlpool front loaders...) the seal has a tear. New seal... $96.
So we have a cookie sheet under the door for every load. It fills up, I have to dump it. sigh. What a pain. I always spill some of the water out on the floor, then I have to use a towel to clean it up and now I have a wet dirty towel. It's never ending.
One day I thought it had magically fixed it's self. The cookie sheet was not filling up so fast. WOW.
No. Seems Stella was drinking the water. Of course the soapy water made her sick. What do I have? Dirty towels to clean.
I am having so much fun over here I can't stand it. I tell ya I can't stand it.
I shall leave you now and tomorrow we shall talk about the funny noise my car is making.

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