Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The house is quiet. Well, except for Stella who will NOT stop barking. I have no idea what her problem is.
The boys went back to school and are doing better. Dominic went to work today too. I am here alone and it's nice but too quiet.
There are a million things to do. Laundry, mop, you know those things. I know my "job" is to keep the house running. I know I should give it the 8 hours that any other job would give it. I guess my job just starts earlier than some (when the boys wake up) until they are FINALLY asleep and all of the in between time. Homework, projects, IEP research, errands. So I am calling this my lunch break. I am taking it early.

I had a dream last night that my cousin Christy and her husband Tony got a dog. This tiny thing. Some how they moved in with my aunt and uncle with the dog and my aunt and uncles house was a mess and it's never a mess so it just really bothered me that it was so so messy. Then they all just kept taking baths over and over and I kept telling them if they cleaned the house they wouldn't feel so dirty all the time. Then my uncle turned into Eric Bana and went jogging. Then we all went to the Lady Gaga concert (all of us, my whole family) but my dad got sick so we left early to take him to the hospital. But I had to drop Joe off at meeting that he had to go to all by himself and Derek was mad at me because he didn't think that was fair.
So many mad, dirty strange things I woke up very glad this life is not at all like that one.
So now my lunch break is over. I have a million things to do.


Anonymous said...

You should never eat spicy food before bedtime!

Christy Z. said...

1) There is no way the 4 of us living together would EVER work out.

2) What is the weird Freudian meaning behind my dad turning into Eric Bana?!

3) What the hell DID you eat before you feel asleep? I'm convinced this has everything to do with weird dreams.