Thursday, February 04, 2010

I have been called lots of things in my day. My aunt use to call me "goose" my dad called me "murf" after my neighbor called me "Murphy" when I was too shy to say my name. Then it went to George. Then to TG. Mostly now I am Mama.
In public I am Mrs. Gi and then they trail off as people struggle with the rest of our last name most of the time.

I have documentation that I am "protective" and "in denial" with regards to Joseph. Maybe I am.

I am protective of him. Like a mama bear I do get a bit bent out of shape I must say when off hand comments sting me.

Often the excuse is "Well we don't see Joe that way" or it's turned on me and I have been accused of Munchausen syndrome by proxy... more than once.

That makes no sense to me.
Who would want an ill child? Who would want a special needs child? I wouldn't wish it on anyone especially those that have made these comments to me. Every time I am reminded that Joe has Cerebral Palsy or even that Derek has asthma I feel like the worse mother in the world. I feel so judged. Who would enjoy the " attention received by having an ill child?"

Yes, maybe I am super sensitive. Yes maybe in this world of political correctness I do sort of expect more from people than throwing around such phrases as "retard" and "short bus". I gotta tell ya it stings little like being poked in the eye. I know that these phrases don't really apply to Joe. He has been in special education classes, no fault of his own. He did not ask for Cerebral Palsy, he can't help that he does. I guess all that really ask is for just a bit more sensitivity.

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