Monday, February 08, 2010

Stop the ride I wanna get off

What a week! Phew.
I know it's only Monday.

Last week both boys were sick. The weather was bad off an on last week so we stayed in ALL week and ALL weekend long. They aren't feeling well, they are tried of being couped up with each other. It stinks. They are crabby and unhappy.

This morning started out with a bang as we shelled out $500 for a procedure on Dominic's tongue that our insurance doesn't cover. They tell us TODAY we need that larger sum. Good Morning! But we need to find out what the heck has been on his tongue for months now. What could we do? Could be precancerous cells. Could be cancer cells. Could be viral. Could be vitamin deficiency. Gotta get to the bottom of it.
Now his tongue is swollen and sore and he's loopy and out of it, but the biopsy is done and on it's way to UCSF for testing.
We should know next Tuesday what the results are. Keep ya posted.

Derek is coughing and sick. Fever is gone now, thank goodness but he's still not 100%. Joe is feeling better but still coughing. Dom is on antibiotics for his tongue I hope that keeps him safe. I am ignoring the scratching throat I have...thank you very much.

I am just counting down the days till that big day when I turn that big number. GULP!

Oh and Congrats to Donna on the arrival of her bundles. You made a very happy couple even happier with your unselfish act. Grow up and be strong happy boys Dallas and Jasper. It was nice knowing you, I hope you have wonderful lives with your family. Maybe one day you'll come visit the tiny town in the U.S. you started in. We would welcome you any time.

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Anonymous said...

maybe you and the dog should just walk out the front door and don't look back!