Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Getting old stinks.

I know. I was the one who just a few days ago was saying birthdays were great and 40 wasn't so bad.
Well forget every darn word of it.
I went to the eye doctor today.
Why is it when you go to the dentist you leave feeling pretty good, your teeth are nice and clean. When you leave the eye doctor you feel like you can't see a darn thing your eyes are numb and have been dilated? I could see better when I went in there when I left. That's just wrong.

So my insurance is better than it's been in years and I got some great glasses for $10 (my portion) and picked out some great sunglasses I really like too...for a little more.
The bad news? I need reading glasses. I am not ready for bifocals but I do need a different pair of glasses for reading. sigh. You know. Those reading glasses you get at wal-mart? Those little ones? I will have them all over the house. On the one hand I can have several pair. Won't that be fun. Won't it?
I also have dry eye syndrome so I have to put drops in my eyes 4 times a day for the rest of my life. My tear ducts are inflamed or something like that.
That was depressing.
I did get some cool little droplet things to use which I kind of dig but that's going to get old fast, fast.
So there you have it. My eyesight is already going and I haven't even been 40 a week yet.

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