Monday, March 29, 2010

I bristle at the thought.

I don't take criticism well. Does anyone? Dom is king of dishing it out in heaps. Yesterday he wasn't feeling well and he gave me pots and pots of it. I tried to take it all in stride like I do, taking into account that he wasn't feel well. By the end of the day I was so done. Once he got it off his chest he was fine and seemed to feel better and moved along with the day and felt good to get it all out. I was bruised and worn out.
I am expected to be better today. Expected to be over it. After all that was yesterday. Gee whiz. But honestly I am not.
So I can sit and analyze it and chew on it or move along. I am trying to move along. But there is a dark cloud walking with me. At least somebody likes me. I shall embrace it and hold it for a day or 2 or 4.

I think even Stella is mad at me for not letting her eat a rock. As if? Stupid dog eating a rock do you know what that would do to your insides? Do you know how much more trouble I would get if I had to take you to the vet? I can't even bare it. So no rock for you.
Derek was mad because I made him finish all of his homework and drove him to school today because he had 5 or 6 books to take back. How horrible am I? Driving my son to school? MY GOD! I am wicked.
Joe wasn't mad at me and said he would miss me. Thank you sweet boy.

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OH HONEY!! tsk tsk!