Friday, March 26, 2010

The Love Boat

Lately Joe has begun to make comments about his right hand. Saying things like

"I wish I could cut this off. It doesn't work right"
"Stupid hand, it's in the way"

These statement kill me. So we have started to talk to him about some Botox injections that Shriners would like to do to loosen the tight ligaments in his arm and wrist to see if we could get some control. He would have to be sedated and we just haven't been in any hurry to do this. After a few months the shots wear off and you're back where you started. But it would give you an idea of what the arm and wrist could do and you could look into transplanting ligaments. So we started to talk to him about it. At first he said no. Then little by little he started to ask questions about the procedure. So we'll see.

He's a rough and tumble boy. He runs a lot. This also means he falls down a lot. Here lately he has been just full of boo boos on his arm and leg. He said "I sure wish I didn't get so many boo boos" again kill me why dontcha.

So one of his very best friend has announced that he will be taking the Disney cruise. Joe thinks it has something to do with the Leukemia and I am not sure about that. So Joe asked me if there was a cruise he could go on since he has a stupid arm that doesn't work and his friend is getting better right and he's still going to have a stupid arm. sigh. What do you say to that?
I say yes that his friend is getting better and isn't it great that he's going to take a cruise?
Then we had banana splits.

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