Monday, March 01, 2010

My mother was right.

My mother is usually right on a lot of things. My father too. It use to just kill me to admit that. But the older I get, and the wiser I get I am thankful for how smart they are.
My mother told me long ago that I expect too much of people and I will move heaven and earth not to let anyone down yet find myself let down like a hot potato.

I expected something from someone today. Something big. Something I didn't ask them for they offered, and they offered more than once. I waited and waited, cleared the day, prepared, and you guessed it, they failed to make it happen.
So I will do it myself. Just like every other thing I do. Fine!

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Donna said...

Yikes!! Sounds like a bad way to end your 39th year... but on a higher note, the 40s so far for me have been easier. Must have something to do with that knowledge and wisdon that have accumulated!

And you know something else, whatever it was... I bet you did it better than anyone else could have!