Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Birthdays aren't so bad

The big day arrived. I am officially 40. At 10:16 am it became official I have been on this earth for 40 years.
I had a great day. My boys showered me with gifts and hugs and not fighting. Stella ran out the door this morning and normally Dom would let her go but since it was my day he ran after her (what a guy). The boys got me a Bullet Express food/juicer mixer upper thing that frankly scares me but Derek loves. (Wonder how he'll like the Wii fit I am planning on getting him?) I had breakfast with my aunt and father. It was a super nice day. I really enjoyed the thunder and hail mixed in for a little extra something special.
I hope Ryan had as nice a day as I had. I hope you all had a nice day too.

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