Friday, March 05, 2010

It's gotta get easier.

Today was my day to work in Joe's classroom. It's always so stressful. His teacher starts the day barking out the orders. Never a good morning. Never a happy good to see you all today. No. It's always sit down and get working! Snap that whip. It gives me a stomach ache. She jumped into a telling them to do this and this and then this and of course... my Joe was lost. So when it was time to go over the packet...he hadn't done it because he forgot what he had to do.
I know she does not have the time for one on one time with him, which is what he needs, but she really needs to remember he can't have it all thrown at him.
So he got a horrible stomach ache for being in trouble for not know what to do... I brought him home.
So there are three moms that work in the classroom. At least one day a week. An upcoming field trip only has seats for 4 moms. I would think that the three moms that work in the class should get first pick. Nope. She said she can't do that. Really? Why not?
I am beyond frustrated over all of this.
I don't want to ever send him back.
Now he's upset that he has a horrible stomach ache for the weekend. UGH!

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