Saturday, March 06, 2010

Thank you

Big thank yous to everyone who sent birthday wishes. When you have birthday's with zero's in them you just have to celebrate. I read a wonderful quote today from a lady who's sun suffered a traumatic brain injury from a car crash. She has had to teach her 21 year old son to talk, eat, crawl all over again. Her book is about raising her son twice. Love it.
Anyway, I know how it's the little things in life that sometimes can be the biggest celebrations. So celebrate every moment!
Every moment. Every bolt of lighting is new and exciting when you rarely see it. Every word in a book read when it's the first time you've heard your son read it. Every birthday is special it means you are still around to witness all the wonderful miracles.

So crank up the blender. Break out the cake. Celebrate whatever you want.
We all deserve it.

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