Thursday, April 08, 2010

Burning down the house

The other night I was cooking dinner, the boys were outside playing, Dom was taking a shower. I was talking to my mom on the phone and boiling water for pasta and cooking some bread in the oven. I start to smell this horrible smell but figure it might be the bread. I go to the stove and notice it's the spoon rest and it's melting to the top of the stove. sigh. What a horrible smell.

We got that taken car of but the house was full of smoke. Dom opened all the window, doors and put the fans on.

Disaster avoided the evening moves on. We settle the boys down with a movie and Dom and I start to work on homework he was reading on the bed and I was at the Mac. At the exact same moment we say "Do you smell something burning?" and we jump up and start sniffing away. Where is it coming from? What is it? I was starting to panic. I swear it took us nearly 5 minutes to find it.
Derek had put Joe's SJ Sharkie on the lamp shade to keep it away from Stella. His stuffed Sharkie leg was sitting on the light bulb and started melting. So we removed him and put the lamp outside. sigh.

The rest of the evening we once again had windows open and the fans on to get the smoke out.

Good grief!

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