Monday, April 05, 2010

ThE scare of my life.

Tonight the boys were eating those war head candy. They start out really sour in your throat and then they get sweet. If you can get past the sour you have a nice piece of candy. They were popping the candy in making all these goofy faces and then Joe was spitting them out... they are really horrible candy. Derek seems to like them. I don't know how he eats them.

He puts one in his mouth and starts running down the hall with the candy in his mouth then gags and starts chocking on it. I could tell right away he was chocking.
I grabbed him and gave him a hard whack on his back and it came out. Thank God.

I was mad and crazy and scared all in a matter of moments.

I wish that boy would slow down.

I am taking my nerves and my precious boy to bed. I am done with this day.

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