Monday, April 05, 2010

Falling for you

Today Joe started the day with the recklessness he goes through life with. Sure enough he crashed. I don't know what he was riding. He banged up his elbow and his hand. Not to mention that while he's getting scraped up he's bruising himself up. So we soak him and we give him Tylenol every night.
I am waiting for the fall to be hard enough to break that wrist that is bent. He has as splint he wears to keep his wrist in a more natural position to give him a bit more stability, so we have him wearing that. I can only hope and pray that helps.
He's not afraid. You would think he would say "whoa that scooter hurts me I am gonna lay off that for a bit" but no he just gets back on.
So we buy more bandages and tape and keep going.
Today he was sore and tired and I saw his foot drop more than usual.
Off we go to Shriners in May for them to see if there is anything more that can be done. Sadly today I found myself saying "I just want him fixed" but while I should just accept him as he is and I do, I wish all the time that his body could keep up with him.

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