Wednesday, April 14, 2010


There have been some changes around here. Joe has started his new school, has started to wear underwear every single day and now wants to be called Joe. He's a Panda now and we've been walking to and from school each day. Take us about 10 minutes. He has a big room, his own desk, his best buddy in his class and a teacher that opens his juice box for him so far every single day this week.

While he was in tears this morning because he forgot his folder and thought he was gong to have to sit on the bench, she said "oh no big deal, bring it tomorrow" and we were both in shock. The smile that came across his face nearly cracked his face open.

They start every morning with the pledge of allegiance and get Panda points for doing good deeds.
So far we are very happy.

We went to Costco with Nana tonight. She never says no the boys so we are home now with Beef Jerky, Jelly Belly's and angle food cake. Yummy. So so good. I got a new thermometer and I am so jazzed about that I want to take everyones temp so I can figure out how to use it.

Ok time for the play off game. GO SHARKS!!

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