Friday, April 16, 2010

Strange dreams

The other night I had this dream with a big green bull frog in it that had a big yellow flower painted on it's back. I loved this frog and was petting it and kissing it. The frog was even sleeping in my bed with me. Eww.
I woke up half expecting to find this frog in my bed it felt so so real.

Last night I had this dream I was a photographer on a reality show and Matthew McConaughey was on the show too but he wasn't a famous actor he was my boy friend. I am not even all crazy about him like some people are. I mean it was nice to have him in my dream hubba hubba. Why I went to bed and dreamt of him I"ll never know.

Wonder what on earth I'll dream about tonight. I can't wait to go to sleep to find out.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you need to get back to dreamin' about Bana and leave Mr. McConaughey alone sister!!