Sunday, April 18, 2010

More dreams

Last night I had this dream that I had twin daughters named Selena and Stella. They had jet black hair and were cute as buttons. My old boss wanted me to break into the corporate headquarters of Google and steal their Grammy award so we could melt it down and use the gold. There were helicopters and tanks and buses. It was crazy. I swear I wake up feeling exhausted from all this crazy dreaming I do every night.

Dom is painting the second bedroom that since we have moved in has been the game room. But we are turning it into a real bedroom for Derek. He needs his own space. It picked a great blue for one wall and a color called popcorn for the other. I'll take some pics and show you.

Stella decided after getting paint on her nose yesterday that she wants to stay out of that room which suits Dom just fine.

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Anonymous said...

what have you been drinking before bedtime?