Thursday, May 13, 2010

Do ya Zumba?

So the gym has Zumba classes. I am intrigued I must tell ya. It looks like fun. So I checked out the Zumba craze on the Internet. (About Zumba) Found some neat stuff some links on how to find a class, tips for success etc, then i find a link that says "dress the part" and I am stumped. What I gotta dress up for it? I think I am gonna have to practice at home first so I can wear the cute outfit to take the class. Derek says it's like a big Zelda game where you have to go get this so you can get that and then you get that and you gotta go get something else. Maybe the idea is getting the outfit is part of the work out. Getting into is and then getting to class and you've lost weight from all the stress you fit right in.

I gotta get my foot better before I zumba. I swam some laps today and it was NOT happy with that. I have a decent bruise on my foot from the shot. sigh.

So tell me do you Zumba? Wanna Zumba with me?

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