Thursday, May 13, 2010

Writing Skills Test

So I am taking a Writing Skills Test for my Bachelors/Master work. Have you taken this test? It has me second guessing myself every step of the way. I just down loaded the sample pretest. Not that I am jumping in BA or Masters work yet but since I am not working not taking any summer courses why not take the test see how I do and go from there. Not too difficult to study for it I am thinking. In the fall if I dont have a job and I am working on resueme so we'll see how that goes, I am going to take 2 classes that will help me transfer to San Fran State (most of the classes are online ) so I can get my BA in Speech Therapy and work with adults. Especially in a VA position working with brain injury or stroke patients. I have taken so many classes I don't have that much more to go so why not?

My foot is still not my best friend. I thought I could do some laps at the gym thought that would be low impact. My foot did not like the kicking. Hard to kick with one let. Are there any famous one legged swimming champs? Gotta google that one. I stepped into the Sauna because I have never been in one, I gotta say I didn't like it that much and I am not sure what the Sauana/Gym etttigute is. There was a lady in there but it didn't say "in use" or anything. I just sort of zipped in for maybe 3-4 minutes and zipped out.

Tomorrow me, Joe and my right foot and his first grade class are heading to the zoo. The moms were joking that I could rent one of those motorized wheel chairs to get around the zoo. Very funny girlies. Not a bad idea maybe. I am sure it will be better by tomorrow.

Open house tonight for my Joe. He can't wait to show off his classroom. He really, really, likes his new school.

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