Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Put your left foot in.....

.... Today i went to podiatrist finally. He took some x-rays of my feet and determined that I have heel spur and I have torn my plantar shield. So he gave me a shot in my heel and let me tell you that sucker hurt. I told him I was gonna kick him! Now my foot hurts more than before. Dang him. I have these things to wear in my shoes now and it's best if I don't wear flat shoes. I need shoes with a bit of heel to them. Really? I have been wearing flat shoes forever because I thought they were best. sigh. I look for flat shoes but he says no i need a heel to them. Whatever.

So I am laid up today. Sort of. I still did laundry, I still made dinner. But I skipped the gym and other things I had to do.
Time for more ice I think.

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