Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mothers Day

Every day is mothers day right? Every day there is laundry to do, chores to do. Ho hum. That's the way I see it. That is what my mother always says. Holidays are stressful around here. I am the one that does the holidays. The cards, the gifts, the plans, the meals. When it's a holiday to celebrate me it just stumps them. So honestly I just want the day to be over. They all seem confused and grumpy.

I made spaghetti and meatballs for my mom along with a strawberry cake that was pretty darn good if I do say so myself. She and Papa and auntie came over and we had a nice meal last night and then the Sharks beat Detroit which was pretty great.

I guess today we are just hanging out. Boys are busy doing their thing, Dom is busy, I am doing laundry and finishing Joe's school report.

Hope all of the mothers are having a nice day. Hope you all are showered with cards and gifts just as you should be. Hope someone might be making you a nice meal, got you a nice card. Small gift. Something. Hope no one is mad at you for not telling them what you wanted to do today. Maybe they could have thought of something sweet to do ahead of time. Hope no one waited until today to make plans and then is upset and grumpy that every place is crowded. Hope if you just want to veg and watch a tv show or read the paper they let you and might at least hear that the dog is out of water and take care of it at least for today. Yes? Gee whiz. .Hope they might have made you or gave you a card. Hope your day is great. I hope it's over soon.

Joe and Nana at the Mother's Day Dinner

Nana and Auntie at the Mother's Day dinner.

Joe, Nana and Aunit.
We were all there but Derek is very involved in his new video game and we've hardly seen him all weekend. I took the picture and I am not sure where Papa and Dom were at the time.

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