Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Mother's Love

If my horse was any higher this week, I would get a nose bleed from the altitude.
It's been a heck of a week and it's only Wednesday baby. Oy!

My labor of love this week includes an 8 page, 1694 word, 32 paragraph 165 lines, research paper I have worked on/for/with Derek. Call it what you want. It was a project that overwhelmed him. I have helped him. At time competed parts of it for him. It's done call it what you want. You can say what ever you want let me tell you I have heard it from my husband already. It's done and I am eating brownies.

People are shocked to hear that we have never left our kids overnight and we rarely leave them with sitters. I would like to say that the are well behaved, confident, good boys as a result. They come to us when they are hurt, sad or need a soft place to land. Heck other peoples kids come to us too. That's ok by me.
Sure there are times I would love a break. Love to sleep straight through the night without SOMEONE two legs or four waking me for God knows what. Would love to go to the restroom without some one knocking on the door or busting in to lick the shower curtain.
It's funny how as a young adult discovering your sexuality you have to sneak or hide it from your parents and as an adult or old married couple you have to sneak or hide from your kids. Oy! How on earth have those Duggers conceived 18 children? It's no picnic.

I am really not in any rush for them to be grown and gone. They make me crazy for sure. But my goal is for them to be good men. Good husbands. Good people on this earth. To go out on their own and do whatever they want to do that makes them happy. A friend of mine said today that her son was going to be 9 and in one more block of 9 years he was going to be out on his own. Wow. That's really cool. So for now I will slave over a research paper, explaining the plot of New Moon for the 2 millionth time and find myself out of my bed so these two can have my warm spot. It goes so fast. I had excellent mother role models and most days I feel I am doing a decent job even if I am not getting much sleep at least I have brownies and these two faces.


Anonymous said...

A little confused here, as a result of never leaving your kids with sitters/overnight..they are well-behaved, confident children? Do kids who have sitters/are left overnight not have these traits?

Anonymous said...

How is doing the paper for him, teaching the boy how to be a good man, husband, father?