Thursday, May 20, 2010

No Plan

Have I told you the story of the bookstore fiasco? No. Ok well here goes. I go to the book store to get my cap and gown. $31.26. For the cap, gown and the tassel.
They tell me the atm/credit is down I have to pay cash. I have no cash. I ask if they will take a check. No they won't. They tell me there is an ATM machine in the student lounge. It charges a fee but that's my problem not theres. So I go to that ATM and guess what, it's not working either. So i go back to the book store. They can't help me. So they try my card six times to see if they can get the machine to work and it will not. So I walk to my car and go to the bank.

At the bank my card won't work. I go inside they tell me that my car is blocked because there was some strange activity on it. I tell them yes that was me. They say well now it's secure for x amount of hours. Fine. I need cash. They give me cash and I go back to the book store. I give them cash I get my cap and gown. Thanks.

So my card is dead for the day fine. Next day I check our account and guess what? All 6 times they ran my card went through. $187 worth. Grrr. Didn't have that much in the account thanks so much. So guess what? Now we are overdrawn so now we have fees. Guess what? Now the fees have made us like very overdrawn and now we have like extended over drawn fees added.
I have called the bank and I have called the book store. They are sending in the corrections to it all and it should all be taken care of in 72 hours. Hasn't yet but here I sit. Can't get can't use my card. DAMNIT!

I suppose from now on I shall strive to have extra cushion in our account at all time. Ahh in a perfect world that would be the case. A small $187 error would not cause such a mess to some folks but to me that is not the case.

My husband does not want to speak about this mess it makes him all red faced. sigh.
The dog and I are in the dog house. sigh.
But my gown is neat and the tassel is pretty and it sure sort makes it feel like I really worked for this darn thing.

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