Friday, June 18, 2010

Hard for me

I have a very hard time forgiving and forgetting. I have a hard time forgiving others, it's even hard for me to expect others to forgive me. I sit and chew on things far too long. I admire those that forgive and forget others. It seems they sort of breeze along and put it behind them. While here I sit holding this horrible thing. I need to let it all go. So many things I need to let go. Doesn't change anything. Most of what I need to forgive or forget are things I have done and others have long moved past it yet here I sit.

I have to say with this whole facebook thing people have come out of the word work, mostly people from high school and they want to be your friend and it's nice and yet I stop and think "but you did a horrible thing to me, or at least at the time it wasn't nice" and yet here we are moving along because that was a long time ago. Really? It's that easy we push it aside and move to the next thing? We have all grown up and that's that?
That was very easy. Too easy. No apology "Hey i was an ass in high school but I have grown up" in some cases I have found "hey I was an ass and on occasion still an ass but hey lets move on look at my score on bejeweled"

Not to mention the jealous green with envy feelings I get every so often. Need to deal with that too. Oh boy.

So we can all be friends and play nice and never correct each others grammar or spelling on facebook and jab each other's sports team and send birthday wishes and move along. Ok I will try to play nice too.

It's Fathers day weekend so don't forget those fathers in your life. I am got Dom some soccer shirts and we are taking him to dinner tonight and the beach on Sunday. I got my dad a small gift and when's moving around and feeling better we'll do a dinner.
Get the man in your life a card, a gift, a breakfast. Do something will ya. I won't forgive ya if you don't


Balancing Act; Jenn said...

so much to say. Not enough time. I don't catch up on your blog enough anymore and don't write on mine enough. time time time. Need more.

for now, chin up, try to remember as hard as it is, easier said than done, change lanes and move on down the road. Leave the others in their own miserable muck and mire. You can only control you. Others can only control themselves. And even having said that, none of us are really in control anyway, but you know what I mean. If you sit and chew with it, then you're letting their problem become yours. I love you!

I have learned in this crazy life, a long time ago actually, let it go. Just.Let.It.Go. Just do it. It's ok. I found so much peace in letting it go Tamm. I really did. We could talk for hours.

Hugs hugs hugs.

Anonymous said...

If adding your old-not so favorite-friends to facebook causes you stress, there is a choice to ignore.