Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not your typical mom.

I am pretty sure in some ways I am not your typical mom (what ever that means really what is typical?)
I guess what I mean is that in some ways I see that I am so not like other moms at all. Not by a long shot.

Today I took the boys to the pool at the gym. We have been going at 4 and hanging with daddy but it's been pretty crowded so today we went just me and the boys at 1. It was all great till the summer camp kids arrived and holy cow it got crowded in a hurry. It was all good for Joe he made some friends and was off. Derek and I hung out and swam around Joe and people watched. We went back to our chairs and this "mom" showed up with her three girls. Alex, Marissa and Chloe. Then the fun began.
This mom used the can of sunscreen that you spray like Pam cooking spray. Those poor girls were instructed by mom to HOLD YOUR BREATH!, CLOSE YOUR EYES while there mother sprayed. I think the mom should have made us all close our yes and hold our breaths when the cloud came our way. Each girl was sprayed up one side and down the other till they were greasy as Easter hams. Then the faces had to be covered in SPF 1000 by hand. Then these ear covers were put on, swim socks and then these floaty things. Derek and I just sat with our mouths open and watched the whole thing.

Here is what happens when I get to the pool.
We find a seat to dump our stuff. The boys take off their shirts, put there shoes under the chair, grab their goggles and off they go. Then I remember the sun screen and try to pull them out of the water and put it on them all wet. Sometimes I'll admit I just give up and don't do it. I know, I know , it's bad. At the beach I am good at the pool for our 1 hour dip I am not so good. I have been known to be very squared away and put it on before we leave the house. How's that?

So the girl with the floaters was told by the life guard she could not wear them, the mom said (same sun screen spray mom) " but these are the expensive ones!?" like that was gonna make any difference at all. Good grief! So floaty girl falls into a heap and crys. The deepest the pool is at any point is 5 ft. She would be fine and the mom could get in the pool with her and help her learn to swim, it's pretty much how my boys learned. No, mom sat in the chair and yelled at the girls the whole time who could not hear a word they were saying and floaty girl kept crying. I gave my boys a knuckle punch for being boys. Sure they cry and carry on but not in the emotional girlie way. I know I am a girl. i was a young girl. I am glad I have my boys.

So we got bored of them and turned our attention to the mom who had her son decked out in swim trunks and rash guard shirt for the pool. She put sunscreen on his face like think zinc stuff that covered his face but some how it didn't get rubbed in. He was in a bad mood and half of his face is white from the sun screen. He gets in, slaps the water and gets right out. What his issues was I have no idea, it was funny in a disturbing kind of way.

Boy #3 who was in the summer camp found the jet and was happy to sit by "my friend the jetty, jet jet" which he kept saing over and over again. At this point Derek thanked me for being a stay at home mom.
It was a strange day at the pool. Thanks you crazy moms. I am sure they are talking about me "she didn't put a speck of sunscreen on those boys, and they swam without shirts or shoes and she was IN the pool WITH them. GASP? I know I know I am not typical and I apologized to the boys for my short comings.


Donna said...

LOL, don't worry about it, I'm not a sunscreen kind of mom either! Life really is great, especially when we get to see how the other half lives. HA

Susan said...

What's sunscreen?

Thanks for making me laugh today. That mom was just hilarious. But, but....they're the expensive ones! I wish I could have seen it.

Hi from Turlock~
(another mom of boys who is eternally grateful!)