Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Ok so last night was the whole pebble in Joe's ear thing took place. Then this morning the Direct tv thing is just out. They said we need a whole new set up see ya Friday maybe. Thanks so much. Summer vacation and no tv. Thank goodness for online videos right?
So I sit down with the paper and the dog drank my coffee out of my coffee cup.

I load everyone up and head to the dog park, Stella was coming down from her coffee high and didn't feel like playing, off we go to my folks house and water their plants, the boys steal some candy so we get set to head home and I close the door and find that I have just locked us out of the house with MY keys in their house. My aunt and my uncle came to my rescue and we were free. Derek gets in the car and opens the candy one of those Dove things and it says on the wrapper "Mistakes make life interesting" which is so so true for us given the last 24 hours we have had.

Now I just want to sit and close my eyes for a week or two.

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