Monday, June 14, 2010

June is National Drowning Prevention Month

Drowning Prevention is most effective with a “layers of protection” approach:

Never leave a child alone near water, even for a few seconds
A supervising adult should be close enough to touch the child under 4 years old near water
Keep a constant adult eye on young children
All collections of water are dangerous for infants and toddlers including bathtubs, buckets, toilets, ponds, spas, swimming pools, and natural water sites
Swimming pools should have fences, alarms, and drains that meet regulations
Pool gates should be self-latching, opening outward, with the latch out-of-reach for a child
Keep reaching and throwing aids near a swimming pool
All children should wear a personal floatation device while playing near bodies of water
Parents and child caregivers should know how to perform rescue techniques and strategies to respond in an emergency
If a child is missing, check the pool first

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