Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Here is how MY day went.

I knew it was going to be a busy day. I was prepared. I MADE the bed before I left. I know.

So I dropped Joe off. Check that off, it went well. Moving on.
I went to the gas station and sat behind 5 cars for a wash. When it was my turn.... the car wash was broken and no longer working. No car wash for me.

Off I go to the library to drop off a book I found deep in Joe's book case.... slammed my three fingers in the book return metal, heavy book return bin. OUCHIE. Plus I am sure we will be getting a fine for this book I cannot tell you how long we've had it. Hey San Joaquin Library let me pay fines online I swear you'll get them faster from me. Just a suggestion.

Had coffee with Christy and it all went well. (Thank goodness)
Headed to my class in Stockton and got a rockin parking place close to the building with just enough time that I wasn't running to get there since I did have to go to the 4th floor.
I get to my class room and luckily it's close to a restroom, I pop in real quick and find (I swear to GOD) 7 ballerinas swing around to look at me. GULP. They were all looking at me as if to say "apparently you are so NOT in our class"
Did you know you can't wear nail polish in that class? I did not, but apparently it makes the head ballet gal VERY upset. Who knew? So the fumes of nail polish remover was THICK and I do mean THICK in the air.
So I wiggle pass them and do my thing and head to a class that I cannot even tell you what the heck we went over.

The rest of my day went well, the roofers are coming, it's like a thousand degrees now and I feel bad that they are coming NOW to fix the roof but that's how it goes. My meeting with Joe's IEP team went well and they are so squared away at his new school it kills me.
I promise to update more. I promise to have a more exciting life.
Now tell me how YOUR day went.

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Anonymous said...

My day is going alongv very nicely, thank you. Took Brady outside today to watch the leaves blow.Heloved it!!