Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Webster dictionary defines retard as to make slow, delayed.

So when you use the term directed at another person it pisses me off. Because if you look at my son sure you would not say that he is "retarded". I get that all the time "He looks great" and " He's doing so well." Yup he is but some days it's a struggle, most days we don't even think about it and some days they are mountains we barely get over. If you look at Joe on paper he has delays and is slow. While the word "retarded" has never been written about him and I am not trying to call him something he is not but I did get offended and generally pissed off by this off hand comments.

To the pajama pant wearing dirt bag in CVS today buying chap stick with a girl way too good for him and using not only the f-bomb and the R word in the same phrase , my eat shit and die look was not even close to the emotions I was feeling. I was about to give you an ear full. But I didn't. I don't have time for you.

But to the other's out there that drop it and throw it around, please know I am pretty sensitive about it. We can be smarter with our use of language. We don't have to throw racial slurs or offensive language around. It needs to stop. You know better you're just being lazy. It sets an example for your children and please know if they are in my house are near my child and they use those words they will be corrected. When I hear you use those words it really does make me sad that you would do that. To those that are not "acting retarded" as you like to say. Think of the life they lead. Think of the battles their parents fight every day. Think of your life, your childs life and how different it would be in the blink of an eye and then pick a better word.

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