Sunday, July 09, 2006

Burst in to flames!!!

It's so hot. So darn hot. If Joseph dawdles too long in the car or outside I tell him "Move along before you burst in to flames" Derek asked if that was really going to happen. I told him probably not but lets not take a chance.
I feel like I am sizzling.
I cant imagine not having any A/C in the house but sadly I know people who don't. I cant imagine the car not having A/C either but I know people woe didn't get that. Maybe I am spoiled. '

Dom's watching the final World Cup game. Aventi Azurie... Go Italy Blue...
I am trying not to be a French fan right now it's in my genes thank you Grandma Roearke... but today I am all Italy.

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Jenn said...

Aren't you proud of me I watched it! Italy won! right? Oh I think they won, I know I"m a doh doh but I don't really follow it.... Italy won.

I'm proud of myself. Dang that guy kicked it and it hit the goal post instead of going in. That's gotta suck. \