Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Random Wednesday

Happy Birthday Eric Bana. (swoon)
go goolge him if you'd like.

Dominic falls alseep in Derek's room night after night. They lay down they father son chit chat Daddy nods off. I usually do the same in Joseph room. Derek wakes up and comes and gets me or asks me "where's daddy" I am usually get out of Josephs bed and look in our bed that is usually empty and then I realize daddy is still in Derek's bed and the child had to crawl over him to come get me!!! This makes me stupid crazy when it happens and it happens ALOT.

The boys sleep better when school is in session. T-4. I am nervous about the little one going back but he seems really ready for it so we'll see.

Rockstar was good last night huh? Storm was just as good as always. Dave Navarro needs to be hit upside the head. I loved Toby but I have sort of dug him from the start and I am in to Australian guys these days LOL.
Jill needs to go. Sorry girlie you bug me.
I missed Lucas.
If you dont watch the show and you're lost sorry.

Today is therapy day. And we'er off!

1 comment:

Jenn said...

I think it'll be down to Dilanna or Magni. Those two are the best. I can't BELIEVE I watch this show. Unreal. So UN me. SO. But what can I say? It's good to come out of your shell once in a while.

I kind of think TLee is cute. He's such a happy guy. I smile just watching him. I don't think he's cute, I mean, he's not ugly, kay I'll just shut up now.

Peace out.