Saturday, September 01, 2007


I keep feeling that if I do this or that I'll feel better. If I call my mom I'll feel better. If I eat something I'll feel better. If I busy myself with chores I'll feel better. If I nap I'll feel better. But nope. Nothing is working.

Dominic says I have to give myself time. I know it. And I guess I thought these things would help time pass right? A tiny bit of time.

I am tired. The sickness in the house Dom sounds awful. Joseph is sneezing, Derek's head is hurting. Cranky sick house. We don't feel like doing anything at all.
I feel so worn out from the weeks events. So worn out by my own thougths and memories. Watching Derek to make sure his cough doesn't get worse (it's not) checking Joseph, keeping an eye on Dom. Mentally preparing for Derek's birthday next week placing my memories in the correct compartments of my heart and mind.
These things take time I know and we all know I am not a patient person.

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