Monday, February 25, 2008

Love Thy Neighbor

Compassion.So much I want to say. But how to say it?
I think an ounce of compassion goes a long way.
I believe the way you treat people in the end is the same treatment you'll receive.
I have recently been in the company of some very uncompassionate people. It hurts me. Most of the actions have been in the name of the old mightly dollar.

So I sit and I chew on it. Our car was hit in July. The lady did not have any car insurance. We had to pay the deduct-able and our insurance is trying to recover what we paid. Of the $500 we paid we have only received $160. I stew. I chew. I get mad about it . Dom says "Let it go. We aren't going to see that money" and I was very angry about it. It's the law you are suppose to be insured. It's only $500 out of our pocket but it could have been so much more. Dom says "If she can't pay car insurance she can't pay us back" the old can't get blood from a turnip. sigh.

Is this the same situation? The fence between our house and the neighbors began to fall one stormy night last October. Our neighbor took it upon themselves to fix it and then they sent us a bill for half of the repairs. We sent the information to our landlord and she has not paid them back yet. I know they want their money. I know we all want what is coming to us. We all want our fair share. But some times there is more to life than getting that money. I mean we aren't talking thousands of dollars. In fact we are talking $259 to be exact. No one is trying to take advantage of them. They made a choice. A decision. They took it upon themselves to take care of this situation and now they are holding out their palm asking for repayment. I know I too want the money I paid out. I get that. I explained that with the holidays and some personal things going on in our landlords life perhaps she is ... and I let it hang it felt like might not be getting through.

Compassion. The lady that hit our car might pay is back some day or she might not. No one was hurt. Our car is fine. She paid what she could. I hope she has insurance now.
Perhaps the landlord will pay them back maybe she won't. Maybe she can't afford to pay them back. Maybe life has handed her more important things than a bill for a fence for a home she doesn't live in. Bad business maybe but it's life.
I don't have any of the answers, I hardly ever do.
I am not naive enough to think that when I am a home owner it will all magically be better. But I won't be stuck in the middle of an angry neighbor and an absent landlord.

I hate the greed and sickly feeling you have put in my stomach tonight.

Summer cannot come soon enough

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