Saturday, May 17, 2008

You Frog Licker!

Where shall I begin THIS story?

We have had 2 tad poles for almost a year. I have been patiently waiting for Cheecho and Thor to turn into frogs. Cheecho has just achieved... fogginess... so we felt it was time to change the aquarium they are in. Off to PetSmart we go to find out what is needed for our froggie friend.

We gather the supplies recommended, cuddled up to a wonderful bulldog puppy named Carly and came home. We cleaned out the aquarium and went to work to transform the old home into a new home. It was like an edition of one of those shows you see on the Home and Garden Channel.

We placed Cheecho and Thor in a cut off one gallon milk carton while the cleaning and renovations were taking place. About an hour later I happened to peek into the container to find Cheecho was gone! "Dominic we have an escapee" and the frog hunt begin. He is so little. We looked everywhere. I mean every where! I was afraid I had scooped him up with some towels and put him in the washer so Dominic pretty much took it apart looking for him or what might have been left of him. No, nothing. Then I thought maybe he had jumped in the toilet and maybe we flushed him. Joseph suggested we call the Frog Police and all of this happened while the primary frog owner Derek wasn't even home to have a good freak out and send me into fits of motherly guilt.

So I decided we needed to sit. We needed to be quite and calm. Maybe he would rib bit. Maybe he was scared from all of this commotion. If we were still maybe he would move. Yes let's sit and ask St. Anthony to help. I sat. I prayed. I waited. Then I got up and went into Derek's room and sure enough the little bugger was hopping across the room. I threw a towel over him and called my frog hunting team. Mission accomplished. Frog suspect apprehended.

We put him into his new home and now he's one crazy jumper trying to GET out. He has found his legs and baby he wants to use them.

It should have been a simple project. It should have been a calm afternoon. But we don't do things like that around here.

Tomorrow we are off to the beach. I hope you all come along!

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Balancing Act; Jenn said...

To me this is a HIL ARIOUS story, and I am grinning from ear to ear. Why do these silly things happen to moms? I mean, things you could never dream of just happen. Like that. Easy. Done. What a stinker that frog is. And how brave are you for having a FROG in your home let alone two of them? My husband would bar the things (as would I if he didn't) and swear they had germs and give us all worts in unsightly places.....(which they probably wouldn't). Oh I love this story. Thanks for sharing. I needed a little tiny giggle in my day. Imagine if Derek had been there. Phewy!

PS and this is my motivation to get it done so I'm putting on the bloggy world for all to see but watch your mail soonish. I have happy things coming your way. ;)