Thursday, October 08, 2009

So things are going well with my dad. He was up walking around a bit yesterday and the surgeon is very impressed with his incision. Still no water or anything to drink which I think is irritating my father maybe more than anything. Hopefully he'll be able to have some liquids soon.

Derek hurt his foot playing soccer/kickball something. We are off to the doctor for xrays. Joseph just cannot understand why we can't all stay home since Derek is sick. Oh brother.
Stella can't understand why Derek is home and no one else. She's keeping a close eye on him because she knows something is up with her boy.

Hey check out the Little Debbie National Cupcake day October 18th. How cool is that?

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Christy Z. said...

National Cupcake Day on our anniversary! I'll have to pick some up :)