Monday, November 09, 2009

Don't much about....

I am a bit upset with my uncles today. (just a tiny bit after all they have done for me and my mom the past month)
Joseph who has a love for all sports had decided he wants to play baseball. Dom and I took a long look at each other and said "ok how on earth are we going to do this?"
So I do what I do best... hit the internet and guess what I found?
I found these guys....

See how they are holding their gloves? They are both one handed baseball players. That's Jim Abbott and Chad Bentz. Chad just recently played with the Montreal Expos and Jim Abbot played for the Angels and Yankees.

I am sure my uncles knew all about them and failed to mention them to me. So at first we thought "There is no way this kid is going to be able to play baseball" and now I am thinking it might just work.
So uncle Phil you might have to add a little league game to your schedule. Get out the sunflower seeds...we're playing baseball.
(hard to think about baseball in Novenber I know but it's when the sign ups are taking place so we are)

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Anonymous said...

they did not mention it to you because they didn't know Joe would be playing baseball......