Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas cheer for today.

How on earth did these two small boys turn in to these two bigger ones so darn fast?
I Christmas many years ago I was sick as a dog...turned out I was pregnant with Derek. A few years later just a few days before Christmas I found out Joseph was on the way. I always think of that when this time of year rolls around.

Derek is growing over night, his voice is getting so deep and he's always thinking. Joseph is sprouting like a green bean. and says to me today he wants to play hockey when he grows up and I need to get him out on the ice. They eat all the time, run and play Nerf guns, chase the dog and want to still sit on my lap, sleep with me and have daddy give them boost rides. When I say they are too big, Daddy says NO they are only going to get bigger so he gives them boost rides when they ask. (You lift them up as high as you can over and over again...back breaking I tell ya)
I don't know how it happened so fast and some days I want to hit the slow down button. Especially this time of year with finals and shopping I could use a slow down button.
They are big but they will always be my little boys.

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