Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Cute as a button

Thats me. 1972 it says. I was just about to turn 3 I guess. Check out the side by side gold harvest frige. My love of a great side by side frige goes way back. See how I am holding my dress just so and my baby with such parental assurance. ( I held my own kids better than that I swear). That doll is Christopher and he had a very rough life. Poor thing. I cut all his hair after I put peanut butter in it (it was peanut butter wasn't it mom?) then he nearly drown in a terrible swimming pool accident. I still have him. He's at my moms.

Christmas on A Street, down town baby. Hard wood floors and floor heaters. A basement and glass handled door knobs. That's the first house I remember. Before that it was duplexes and apartments and Navy housing and I was just too small to remember. I am sure my mom has a picture of the tree and what her and my aunt Sue's hair looked like.
Gosh darn it I was cute.

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