Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Silly these days

I love my neighbors I do. My feelings got pinched this weekend and they figured it out and apologized about it and then I felt foolish. The silly part is we talk on the phone, we talk on Facebook, we talk via emails. We do talk on summer days or evenings outside in the court while our boys ride round and round.
When I email them I feel so silly. My grandmother meet ladies at the clothes line.
I do meet neighbors chasing Stella down the street,!
Yesterday we meet the neighbors on the other side of the street. I didn't stop to get their email addresses we were running to fast.

In other news... our fence is falling down. I feel bad about this because our neighbor cannot afford to fix his share and he feels so bad he doesn't want us to fix the whole thing... we both have dogs who are friendly with each other so no biggee but they have a pool so does this mean I get to use the pool now? We can just have a community back yard.
I think the schools should have called today a storm day and let the little buggers stay home. I would gladly have made it up in June.

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