Friday, January 15, 2010

Thank goodness that's over with.

Yesterday was not a good day. Not at all.
Joe is struggling in 1st grade that had me down. Stella tore up the couch cushion again. (just two left to the love seat then it's done) Thank goodness my aunt and cousin took me to coffee to cheer me up that was great and helped a lot. Then I came home to find my mail box had my ticket in it the fine for running a red light.... $427. YIKES. Plus $26 for traffic school.
Then Derek walks in the door with his report card. Not good.

It was a rough night... thank goodness that's over.
Today..oral surgeon with Dom so they can biopsy his tongue and Derek has to go to the orthodontist so we can do that again.

I hope today is way better than yesterday. I need it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man...we are waiting from Chris's speeding ticket to come in as well. Going to the mailbox has been scary these days. That's rough Tam.