Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wait a minute Mr. Postman..

Ahhh the mail. It can bring such joy. A letter, a card, a coupon, a magazine even a check. I remember when Dominic was in basic training how much we both looked forward to the mail. Before cell phones were affordable and text messages weren't common place. Even when we lived in Virginia my mom and cousin and aunts and good friends would write us send us copies of the Tracy Press and pictures from home. I use to love the mail.

Unfortunately the mail isn't always full of good stuff. Sometimes you might get a bill you may not have been expecting, or even... gasp a traffic ticket~ Yup that's what I got today.
I apparently I ran a red light in Stockton a few weeks ago, the camera took my picture from a million different views and sent me a nice little ticket in the mail. I have no idea how much this will cost or how mad my hubby will be. Dang it.
I guess a day of traffic school is in my future and I guess for Valentines day or my birthday I get to pay a traffic ticket. It's my own fault. I guess every 20 years is a decent span of time. Phooie!

***** So I told Dominic and guess what he did? Guess what he said? He laughed at me. Asked if I was late for something? And had that stupid grin on his face that says you silly woman you are giving me gray hair. Said "Guess you're going to traffic school. sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Do traffic school online...super cheap and super easy. Then you just print the completion paper out and bring it with you to pay your fine. Trust me, I've had my share of tickets!