Monday, May 10, 2010

Long day

We were on the road bright and early. Today was our check up at Shriners. We hadn't been in awhile. We saw a new doctor who is a hand specialist.

We had to wait a bit for her.

Look the boys lost their minds we had to wait so long and had to hug each other.

Then they made Joe a 3D character by putting this little light up stickers on him.

Joe the Christmas tree.

He walked back and forth at least 20 times and then they made a 3 D image on the computer just like they use to make video games that have real players like Tiger Woods and Derek Jeter. It's the same thing they used for Tom Hanks in the Polar Express.
Very cool stuff.
So we will have one more test done and then looks like some surgery on his wrist in early summer. The goal is for his right hand to be more functioning for him.

I am beat from it all. I have put my Christmas tree to bed and I am headed there now too.

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Jenn said...

This brings tears to my eyes. Reasons that aren't about Joe. Just other things. But it's about Joe and your pictures and words tell me lots. You are a wonderful Mom and Dominic is a wonderful dad. You do all you can and everything you do is for him--and Derek too.
Miss you. ---Tears. Not sure why. Lots of reasons. ---Love the pics of Joe the Christmas tree. Love the picture of them hugging and silly.
Love. Jenn